GIVI 364FZ Monorack Arms

GIVI 364FZ Monorack Arms

GIVI 364FZ Monorack arms to fit:
Yamaha XJ6 600 SP (2013-2014)
takes GIVI Monokey and Monolock Top Boxes,
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Product                      :  GIVI 364FZ Monorack Arms
Fits Motorcycle        :  Yamaha XJ6 600 SP (2013-2014)
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GIVI 364FZ Monorack Arms are bike specific arms to fit Yamaha XJ6 600 SP. The arms are designed to accept a plate (M5 or M5M), onto which you attach a GIVI top box of your choice. All the parts needed to mount the GIVI 364FZ Monorack Arms are included.


Which plate do I need?
- This depends on whether you choose a GIVI Monokey top box or a GIVI Monolock top box

M5 plate: for use with GIVI Monokey top boxes. GIVI Monokey top boxes have a larger capacity than the monolock top boxes and are generally used on bigger bikes.

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M5M plate: for use with GIVI Monolock top boxes. GIVI Monolock top boxes have a smaller capacity and are usually used on smaller bikes, scooters and maxi scooters.

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