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GIVI 348FZ Monorack Arms

GIVI 348FZ Monorack Arms
Our Price     £57.00
Givi RRP£64.27
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Product                       :  GIVI 348FZ Monorack Arms
Fits Motorcycle         :  Yamaha FZS 1000 Fazer (2003-2005)
Fitting Instructions   :  To view PDF CLICK HERE

GIVI 348FZ Monorack Arms are bike specific arms to fit Yamaha FZS 1000 Fazer. The arms are designed to accept a plate (M5 or M5M), onto which you attach a GIVI top box of your choice. All the parts needed to mount the GIVI 348FZ Monorack Arms are included.


Which plate do I need?
- This depends on whether you choose a GIVI Monokey top box or a GIVI Monolock top box

M5 plate: for use with GIVI Monokey top boxes. GIVI Monokey top boxes have a larger capacity than the monolock top boxes and are generally used on bigger bikes.

CLICK HERE to view all GIVI Monokey top boxes

M5M plate: for use with GIVI Monolock top boxes. GIVI Monolock top boxes have a smaller capacity and are usually used on smaller bikes, scooters and maxi scooters.

CLICK HERE to view all GIVI Monolock top boxes

GIVI PL349 Pannier Rack

GIVI PL349 Pannier Rack to fit:
Yamaha FZS 1000 Fazer (2003-2005)
takes GIVI Monokey Panniers,
View Fitting Instructions

Our Price: £109.50
Givi RRP: £122.76

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GIVI E130 Backrest

GIVI E130 Backrest
Backrest fits GIVI B33 Monokey and  B33 Monolock
Top Boxs. Back support when on long trips,
easily installed using template supplied.

Our Price: £19.40
Givi RRP: £21.60

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