Gift Vouchers for Motorcycle Enthusiasts and Bikers

Looking for that perfect present for a biker friend but not sure what to purchase? Take the guesswork out of it by buying an online gift voucher from Motorcycle Planet.


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Buying a Gift Voucher from Motorcycle Planet couldn't be easier. Just CLICK HERE, enter the person's name and email address you're buying the voucher for plus a personalised message, as well as your name and email address and the value of the gift voucher and away you go. If you're an existing customer you will be able to log in (unless you're logged into your account already), otherwise you'll have to enter your details before being taken through to the payment process. Payment can be made by credit/debit card or through payPal.

click to purchase a gift voucher

The recipient of your gift voucher will receive an email with your details, your message, voucher value and a gift voucher number as well as clear instructions of how to redeem their voucher while shopping within our online store.

Purchase Givi top boxes, side cases, Givi soft luggage, fitting kits or any other item within our online store.

FAQ regarding Gift Vouchers

Can a customer use only a portion of the gift voucher?
Yes, the portion used is deducted from the remaining amount left on the voucher. The customer can then use the remaining amount for a purchase at a later time.


What happens if the gift voucher is less than the amount ordered?
The customer will be required to pay the difference between the amount purchased and the value of the gift voucher using our online payment method. (credit/debit card or payPal)


Up to what value can a voucher be bought?


How long is a Motorcycle Planet gift voucher valid for?
The gift voucher must be redeemed within 12 months of issue.


Can the gift voucher be redeemed immediately?
For security reasons, there may be a few hours delay between the purchaser buying the voucher and the recipient being able to redeem the voucher. This is due to the fact that we manually authorise each voucher.


Can I buy a gift voucher for a person living abroad?
No, unfortunately we do not ship abroad. 




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