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As one of UK's largest supplier of GIVI products, we receive a delivery from our central warehouse GIVI UK virtually every day. If your GIVI part is not in stock with ourselves or GIVI UK, it needs to be shipped over from the manufacturer in Italy and we will notify you immediately.
On occasions, to speed up delivery times to our customers, we reserve the right to replace certain GIVI parts with the equivalent KAPPA part. This generally applies to fitting kits because KAPPA and GIVI fitting kits are identical. They are made by the same manufacturer, in the same factory and have the same part number. The only difference is the packaging which is branded KAPPA.

KAPPA Top Boxes
As from February 2018, we have started to list some KAPPA Monolock and Monokey top boxes. The boxes are different designs but use the same fitting system as GIVI. So if you decide to purchase a KAPPA top box it will be compatible with the GIVI fitting kit/rack. At present the KAPPA top boxes are listed within the same sections as the GIVI top boxes.

If you happen to see a specific KAPPA product you like to purchase on another website do give us a call on 020 8361 5151 or email [email protected], we generally should be able to supply it.




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